These are the characteristics that reflective vest should have

From January 1 on all vehicles must wear with a reflective vest, measure that seeks to reduce traffic accidents and collisions of drivers when they get off the car.
Those who do not comply with the regulations will be committing a slight fault and will have to pay a fine that varies between 0.2 to 0.5 UTM.

In order to comply with the law, it is necessary to be clear about the characteristics of the vest that must wear. As of January 1, it will be mandatory to wear the reflective vest on the vehicles; can you identify the reflective vest required by law?

Characteristics of the vest
- Yellow fluorescent material
-It must have bands of retro reflective material with a width greater than 50mm
-The vest must be in a place accessible from inside the vehicle, so that the driver who gets off the car does so with this element.

According to the decree, these alternatives can use:
- Two horizontal bands bordering the torso separated by a minimum distance of 50mm and bands that joins the upper band of the torso from front to back, passing through each shoulder.
- A horizontal band that is surrounds the torso, and bands that join that from front to back over each shoulder. The 50mm distance should maintain.
- Two horizontal bands are surrounding the torso, separated by a minimum distance of 50 mm. The lower part of the lower band must be at a minimum distance of 50 mm from the lower edge of the safety vest.



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