Students in safety vest learn the bicycle test

Putting on the helmets, putting on safety vest, checking the wheelchair of traffic safety adviser André Schmitz - and the bike test can start. The fourth graders of the Paul-Meyers-Schuler in Dulcet now passed their cycling test.

It is something special for the participants every time. The girls and boys could now practice online for the first time. In the workplace for the third and fourth classes, with which the young road users train the right behavior in the road traffic, for the first time also a code number. The children can log on to the homepage. "The primary schoolchildren are already dealing with the PC, so the Internet has now also entered into the traffic education," says Hans Jansen, Managing Director of Viersen.

There is also a computer in the work office as a logo. Everywhere where this sign appears, the children find in-depth exercises via the Internet. "It was fun for me to practice on the computer, but it was great," says nine-year-old Emma in reflective vest. Thanks to the support of Viersen, the provision of primary education in Viersen has been secured with the exercise book for three years.



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