Safety vests for first graders

For more security: The ADAC Foundation distributes 760,000 safety vests to first-graders nationwide. Logistics is assumed by the cooperation partner Deutsche Post DHL Group.

Every nineteen minutes, a child is injured in traffic. In 2015, the 28,235 children were under 15 years of age. 84 of them died. The ADAC Foundation has set itself the task of reducing this figure. The children's safety is to be significantly increased by better visibility. For this purpose, bright yellow safety vests are distributed to first-graders under the motto "Simply safe".

The starting shot for the nationwide campaign, supported by Deutsche Post DHL Group again this year, has now fallen in the primary school in Hanover. Under the motto of "Just Getting Safe", first graders will receive a total of 760,000 West at 16,000 primary schools.
"Through the safety reflective vest children are already perceived from a distance of 140 meters, in dark clothes only from 25 meters," explains Dr. Andrea David, Managing Director of the ADAC Foundation. "Considering that the stopping distance of a car in an emergency braking distance of 50 km / h is about 28 meters, one can see how effective the safety of children can be increased by wearing the safety vests."

It is important not only to distribute the West to the schools and to make an interesting course of transport, but also to educate the parents so that the West can be worn permanently. Children in elementary school age perceive their environment differently, do not have the necessary overview because of their body size and are often unaware of the dangers in road traffic. Also the directional listening is not yet pronounced. The correct behavior must be learned first. At this age the children are particularly vulnerable and need any support that is available.

Mr. Oliver Schleps, Vice President Sales, and Deutsche Post, emphasized: "We attach great importance to the safety of all road users, especially children. As one of the largest fleet operators in Germany, we know about the dangers that the dark season and the limited visibility of the pedestrians bring with them. That is why we like to make our contribution by taking over the entire logistics of the reflective clothing - free of charge, through customs clearance and dispatch of the 37,000 packages. "

In order to show the topic of visibility in schools, teachers and parents receive instruction material and further information.



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