A safety vest with an EMU print for cycling

They are received this week, by subjects, in the foyer of the castle by members of the Recto rate. All of them will be handed a reflective vest for safe when enjoying. In this way, the University is moving away from its established tradition under the Recto rate of Ursula Knells to welcome the Newcomers to two major, central events in the H1.

There are problems with the fire protection at such big events, says Nina, the rector's lecturer, the reason. "This year, with 5400 freshmen in the basic subjects, EMU has still received 200 first-year students more than 2015 - it was too risky for us to stick to the concept, we need to equipped more reflective clothing." she adds.

Thus, the first-year students who are traveling with the respective members of staff during the orientation week get in the castle of the Retort a safety vest with an EMU print for cycling. The "Eristic Tauscher", which are part of the cityscape, will be issued on Thursday at an information fair for studying at the EMU in the Mensa am Ring building.



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