Road safety: 100 helmets and 500 vests to the city

Boatel offered 100 protective helmets and 500 safety vest to the city. The ceremony of delivery of this material for motorcycle drivers Jakarta takes place the day before yesterday in the course of the town hall.

The equipment given to the city is part of the policy of strengthening road safety actions. The aim of Sonata’s donation is to coach Jakarta motorcycle riders with a view to making fewer accidents and, indirectly, fewer casualties. A choice that led, according to Mayor, to set up the Directorate of Urban Monitoring and Citizenship to promote citizen elitism, the safest guarantee of security for all. "So, it is a great pride that we welcome the drivers from Jakarta to City Hall to mark this event magnifying the close collaboration between Sonata and our local community," said Taller Scylla, Mayor of the city of Ties.

Taking the opportunity, Tall Scylla reminded drivers in Jakarta that the reflective vest that the municipal authority has just received from its partners has one purpose: to reduce the number of accidents. "So, I expect you to behave better in traffic. I do not want to see overload of pregnant women, more women with a child on the back riding a motorcycle. I urge you to respect the rules of the road, "said the mayor. On these points, Tall Scylla announced that as of October 30, any driver in Jakarta who is traveling without a helmet and reflective clothing will be arrested by the security forces. "We sensitized, accompanied but we arrived at the implementation phase in the field. With that, I will be intractable even if you know all the tolerance that I always showed concerning the motorcycle drivers Jakarta, "he warned. The Sonata Foundation, in addition to the donation, has rehabilitated the building E of High School. The reception ceremony of the building is scheduled for next Tuesday.



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