Reasons for necessity of wireless Bluetooth headset

Bluetooth headset for many people will not feel strange, whether you have or not used it, at least have heard of. On mobile phone accessories market Bluetooth headphones are now divided into three main categories: communication Bluetooth headset, music Bluetooth headset and sports Bluetooth headset. The kind of hanging on ears with flash small thing is the communication Bluetooth headset, mainly used to call; music headphones mainly are headset style; and sports Bluetooth headphones are mostly ear hanging, moisture and anti-sweat, suitable for Running and fitness use. These Bluetooth headsets are also common in our lives, and play important role in offering safe guarantee and convenience.

Reduce cell phone radiation
As a worker in the audio industry, the author is also a multi-year Bluetooth headset user; to take communication Bluetooth headset, it can bring me the benefits there are many. We all know that the phone can release radiation, which for the brain, of course, is not a good thing, we do not study the number of brain cells it can kill; just holding the phone to play 10 minutes phone is enough to make your arm sore, Ears are also very uncomfortable; I believe that this feeling we have had it. The Bluetooth headset is a good solution to this problem, it can make my brain away from the mobile phone radiation, and no longer need to hold phone to make a call, waist is not sore and back no pain, but also reduce the risk of mobile phone broken or crack.

Protect personal safety
We have said that with the introduction of the new traffic law, driving the phone will be recorded when the penalty is 2 points; in fact, the deduction is not the main purpose of the relevant departments, is to remind the driver to drive safely; and Bluetooth headset in the new traffic law After the introduction has become extremely hot, buy it most people are car owners. The author's personal experience is that the use of Bluetooth headset, I do not have to drive a single hand when the steering wheel to pick up the call, the attention will be more concentrated, the car is also more stable naturally; of course, do not have to worry about points.

Free both hands
In addition to driving, the author in the usual life and work will often wear Bluetooth headset, in fact, the Bluetooth headset in the comfort has been done well, soft silicone ear buds so that my ears no longer pain; because I usually at home The habit of throwing the phone anywhere, so when I go to the toilet, do housework, play computer and occasionally cook, will wear a Bluetooth headset, because it can release my hands, and will not miss any phone (especially wife The phone, you understand). In the daily work, I sometimes wear Bluetooth headset, because I can do the work side of the side of the side of the call, do not delay.

Voice chat artifact
Now the phone WeChat can be said to be too hot, every day we have to brush friends circle to see the new things, and friends and family to communicate chat, even the usual communication in the work of many people are using WeChat; WeChat has a very Voice function, I believe that each user has used; the traditional way we need to talk to the phone microphone, repeated this operation is really troublesome; and Bluetooth headset is a good solution to this problem, every time I do not use the voice Holding a cell phone talking to the microphone, through the Bluetooth headset to easily get; so that the Bluetooth headset is a WeChat chat artifact is not an exaggeration, how do you think?

Unrestrained on the way
Every day on the way to work many people have to squeeze an hour of subway, and when early / late peak on the road the previous songs was listened with the wired headset; but when the train door up and close, the headset line will always be caught; Ear pain is a small thing, the headset can really not help so pull; so every time wearing a wired headset to squeeze the subway should be very careful. But since the change of Bluetooth headset and then did not encounter this problem (because it needs no wire), so I became more confident when the subway and more easy to display their fist; this is the wireless Bluetooth headset to bring me the most intimate feeling.

Exercise more relaxed
Everyone should not be familiar with the sports Bluetooth, as from people awareness of health is increasing, more and more young people to the outdoor or gym running fitness; and sports Bluetooth headset is specifically tailored for such groups; it is mostly used Ear hanging design, comfortable and stable to wear; support for music playback and hands-free call function; let you do movement while listening to music, but also will not miss any phone call. In addition, the current sports Bluetooth headset on sound quality is also significantly improved, such as Beats Powerbeats2, Jabra Sport Pulse, AH-C300 and other high-end sports Bluetooth headset has excellent sound quality, so you can enjoy wonderful music during exercising.

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