My dear bike organized its traditional bike ride

The Evolution has, again this year, a hit. Nearly 300 participants in high visibility vestat the start and 450 at the finish; they have put the atmosphere in town while continuing their fight. Yesterday afternoon, screaming sirens, the Ninth Evolution straddled the streets, avenues and boulevards betrayers. The top start was given under a blazing sun in the Burdens eco-district park with the same fervor and enthusiasm that is known to him every year. Over the course of editions and pedals, calves and motivation do not run out of steam and the ranks of the association Mon Cher bike grow.

Continue to spread the word about the bike place in the city
There were about 300 rushing on Rue Rancho for an 8 km circuit from Colbert Street to the train station, making the traditional Middle Street loop; an hour in number and in the open air to continue to get a message on the necessary place of the bike in the city. The claims and the slogans always hold the handlebars in a spirit that is meant above all constructive. "By bike, I'm happy. They write it on the saddlebags, say it, and live it, for many on a daily basis, even adding on their reflective vest: "I do not play sports, but transport.”

For the association Mon Cher, we must therefore continue the momentum, put the car back in its proper place, allow two-wheelers without engines to exist, enhance their safety and continue urban development, including expanding the area 30. "Everyone has to win.”

The movement is committed and Mon Cher bike accompanies it with diligence. Yesterday, in the precinct of the eco-district, the participants in yellow vest made a comeback with fanfare, inflated to block with, ultimately, 450 bikes in the race! At the heart of the park, young and old, young and old alike, were united in the same spirit. In the heart of an improvised village, sown with a few bariums, the party continued through a disco soup and a song, the big sound system with the idea of ??making even more noises next year, at the time of celebrating the tenth edition of Evolution.



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