Mu Shuai a Manchester United single season a worst record

The game with Southampton, Manchester United (welcome to our FIFA 18 Coins site club is the first 5555 games. Mourinho early statement "to give up" the case of the Premiership, relying on the goalkeeper Romero's wonderful performance, the team got the season 18 games, but also in the league's 15th draw. This season in the Premiership away points (35) than the home (31 points) has become a certain fact, and will determine the sixth match finished the same.
Since Ferguson retired, Manchester United four seasons league ranking followed by the first 7, 4, 5 and 6. Regardless of the last round of the face of the Crystal Palace team record how to win a single season (currently 17 wins) will create the team's Premier League era of the worst single season record! Previously questioned Van Gaal and Moyes also led at least 19 wins. But this, Mourinho seems to have not "care" the. In addition to the UEFA Cup final, he is more concerned about the availability of players under the health and competitive state.
The campaign, Mata, Fellini and Baili and the emergence of varying degrees of injury, in excluding the Mata did not seriously, the Fellini's (hamstring) injury became Mourinho after the game The focus and the topic of one of the "Fellini, according to his experience, he said not hurt. Just a small problem, but small muscular problems may become a big trouble, we need to wait until tomorrow to see the results, but I need him kick game."
"Because he needs the game, so I can not protect him from him." Before the suspension, he missed three games. The players do not just need to rest, but also need to race before he played the game, so he I do not blame myself or the decision we let him play, let 's wait and see.
"I let Mata get off to let him go directly to the bath, I do not want him to take risks, he just came in contact with the opponent. No big problem. Feleni had a career before the injury, he said he thought this time Not so serious, but the feeling of hamstring is not very good, so the general situation should believe Fellini's feeling, he should be ok. A little problem of gratitude is okay, because he can not play because the suspension of the European Cup final "
The game, Romero first appeared in the performance of brave, Deheya did not enter the big list, and Mourinho revealed Deheya's 2016-17 season has ended. "I hope to let Joel - Pereira played Crystal Palace, Romero played in the European Cup final, I hope the two players no problem.I think in Los Angeles and Los Angeles Galaxy's first pre-season warm-up match, Deheya He is the world's top goalkeeper, we certainly want to leave him.Although we have three very good goalkeeper, the relationship between them get along very well, I am happy that they are mutual encouragement, and performance Out of a good spirit.
Sunday league final war, Manchester United will be at home against Crystal Palace, Mourinho once again confirmed that before the young players to play with the meaning, "Sunday for young players is an important day, because Many of them will be played.I hope that fans can enjoy this game, although this is not our strongest lineup.Marman has me, all hope that Allardyes mean, such as the Bentke stay Do not come home. "
After the league's ranking, Manchester United's most important battle is undoubtedly the morning of May 25 and Ajax's European Cup final, which Mourinho also expressed his views, "I understand that from the media I know that we have entered the finals of the European Cup, if we return to the Champions League, Manchester United analysis of your season will be very different; but I know What do you have to pay and know what the players have done, and from our point of view we will not accept a ball, a goal post or what determines the final, and decide whether we are doing well this season or not. That the team paid everything, we have faced so many difficulties and obstacles, and against it, no matter how the outcome, I am proud of the players.

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