Motorcyclists are eager to choose reflective clothing

The main reason why I decided to change my current motorcycle clothing was to freeze in winter and overheat in summer. That is why the choice fell on a reflective vest warm enough to improve my driving comfort in the fall and at the same time with a detachable diaphragm, which is the main cause of overheating of the body in the summer.
The case would be simple if I had one branded set of brands in my shop - I would buy it and after the case. However, for some time, manufacturers have offered us at least two color versions of the model: light and dark. And here my apparently simple purchase, a bit complicated ... And the longer I thought about this choice and friends of motorcyclists tried to help me - the more I did not know what to do and three times changed the "final" decision. Why is this difficult decision?
This is the main argument of opponents of light clothing. If you do not look at it - the motorcycle is not the purest vehicle (especially kept under the cloud) and riding on it, also long clean will not stay. In sunny days, insects are breaking down everywhere, leaving behind, more or less, and bloody traces. In the rain it is the mud that flies everywhere, and in addition, the rain can leave the light on the light clothes.
Is dark clothing not dirty? The smell is similar, but it is more visible on the dust of the sand, the earth, and all kinds of fluff, animal hair, and hair. While it is easy to remove from a dark jacket of this type of dirt, you need to work a little more lightly (washing or spot cleaning). And that is the issue most people complain about people unhappy with the light clothing.
This is again the main argument of light clothing supporters, who in the summer (e.g. standing at traffic lights in the city) are less exposed to sun attacks, thus maintaining thermal comfort longer. During the ride, the biker is already cooled by the winds, but still wearing black - the sun falling on the surface of the clothes will feel stronger. But it is also a plus! When? In the early spring and autumn, when we literally soak up the sun's rays we want them to fall harder.
This is quite different when traveling in hot, exotic countries, because that's where the bright jacket (preferably with the airy "mesh") seems to be the ideal solution. Although in fact those traveling in distant countries - even in bright clothing can be "boiled".
Appearance of clothing is a matter of individual taste - one will say that the color is only black (which is slim) and the other that the light jacket looks nicer. Because of the better visibility on the road, white helmets were very well received in our country. Certainly, we will soon be noticed in light clothing, although to improve this parameter - you can dress a reflective jacket or waistcoat on a dark jacket. And it's not the same as our clothes will be visible - we have the guarantee that other drivers will always get us. There is no rule here; you can only statistically improve your chances of being noticed.
Of course, we are still considering the situation when buying a one-year-round set. Because if we can stand set and bright and dark - then no problem. In the autumn and spring, the rainy season you can ride in the dark and in the hot summer jump into a bright set.
Perhaps it is precisely the producers who offer two completely high safety vest, little attention devoted to gray, brown, dark blue half-saturation. Clothing in such a color would be the most practical all-season solution for motorcyclists who care about one set of clothing for long years of use.



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