G20 Summit venues are now open to visitors

Hangzhou International Expo Center was where the G20 Hangzhou Summit was held. It is a commercial complex that includes conference and exhibition service, hotel and office building.

Open to the public after the G20 Hangzhou Summit, the center stands in the east of the city and holds exhibitions and meetings, and welcomes visitors with a touring route that the G20 leaders traveled.

Following the route the visitors will first come to the welcoming area on the second floor, where President Xi Jinping met and shook hands with other political leaders in front of the national flags of the participating countries and international organizations.

The visitors then move to the fourth floor’s conference room where the G20 Summit was held. It is square shaped and each sides is 45 meters long, and covers 2,000 square meters. The design of the hall represents the simple philosophy of round sky and square earth.It employs Chinese-style wooden chairs, and is equipped with 16 sets of simultaneous interpreting system. It is decorated by a group of lights in blue-and-white pattern seen on Chinese porcelain, and 10 wall-size woodcarving murals that depict the country’s top 10 sceneries.

On the fifth floor, visitors will enter into a round luncheon hall where the summit participants had their lunch.On the roof of the building there is a 65,000-square-meter southern Chinese garden. With a strong sense of southern Chinese art and culture, the garden is a nice place to relax during conference and exhibitions.

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