Check if you know the current regulations of road safety

A new school year has started and the police in safety vest announce increased controls around the schools. Therefore, it is time to recall the rules of moving children along the way and transporting children in cars.

At the beginning of September, the police announced the campaign "Safe way to school.” This means that for the coming weeks, uniforms will be patrolling schools and cars transporting children. Certainly, it will not end only with instructions, but fines will also fall down. It turns out that more and more parents use car seats.

The child as a pedestrian
According to Polish regulations, not every first grader can be an independent participant in the movement. According to art 43 of the Road Traffic Act, a child under 7 years of age may use the road only under the care of a person aged 10 or more (this does not apply to the residence zone and the road intended for pedestrians only).

Another thing is to mark pedestrians with reflections. According to Polish law, all pedestrians moving along the side of the road after dark, outside the built-up area must have reflective elements - placed in a visible place. In the case of children, it is better to remember this principle also in built-up areas.

Although, according to statistics, most parents carry seats, there are still those who disregard this duty. We would like to remind you that it is not his age (12 years) but his height that determines whether a child has to sit in a car seat or travel without it. According to the regulations in force, the child should travel in a special seat until it exceeds 150 cm in height.

However, there is one deviation from this rule. A child can be transported without a car seat when it weighs more than 36 kg and is at least 135 cm - then it can travel on the back without a stand. A third child at least 3 years old can also travel without a car seat, if it is not possible to fasten 3 car seats correctly on the back seat. It is forbidden to carry children under 150 cm in the front seat, without a seat. The regulations also prohibit transporting children under 3 years with vehicles not equipped with seat belts. Finally, one more tip: for security reasons, the child under the school should be blown out of the car from the side of the pavement or shoulder, not from the side of the road.

It is difficult to imagine that every child will be carrying a heavy and bulky seat. The rules are clear on this point: in a licensed taxi and on buses, a child who, due to height and weight, should be transported in a special seat can travel without it in accordance with the law. The regulations do not say anything about the necessity of using a simple stand. By law, the obligation to use a car seat does not apply to, transport by means of sanitary transport, a police vehicle, municipal or municipal guard. The situation is different when using Uber or so-called transport of people. In these cases, the child should be fastened and with wearing a reflective vest while driving in a car seat - otherwise we are in danger of being fined.



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