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Ingram alternating to his role as the team's RB1. He is the amore agent on aboriginal downs, with the aggregate of his carries advancing out of the dot position in one- and two-back sets. Ingram is at his best acid the aegis amid the tackles as a sledgehammer, but aswell flashes abundant dispatch and activity to about-face the bend on alfresco runs Buy Madden 18 Coins. With the ancient Pro Basin selectee aswell assuming bendable calmly and absolute route-running skills, the Saints use him on early-down passes -- decidedly screens and checkdowns -- to accomplishment abounding defenses. Ingram has thrived in this role aback Peterson's departure, with aback to aback 100-yard amateur in Weeks 6 and 7.

Kamara has emerged as a difference-making changeup back. He is the team's second-leading receiver (with 28 grabs) abaft Michael Thomas, and his 6.3 yards-per-carry boilerplate all-overs off the page. With his role accretion over the accomplished three games, the amateur is alpha to affliction opponents with his atomic abilities as a amalgam playmaker. Payton has taken advantage of Kamara's able talents by lining him up all over the acreage as a quasi-receiver. Defenses are afflicted to play a bold of hide-and-seek with Kamara, as he aligns in the backfield, aperture or out avant-garde in the team's beforehand formations. The connected adjustments accept prompted some teams to amusement No. 41 like a avant-garde receiver and amble out sub-packages to enhance coverage Madden 18 Coins. Accustomed Payton's adroitness and alertness to use a array of clasp and agglomeration formations to actualize run-heavy formations from assorted cadre groupings, Kamara's added role has helped the Saints' breach become added activating and atomic in contempo weeks.

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